Radome Tan

Vallejo Model Air 71.074

Radome Tan, Vallejo Model Air 71.074.

Vallejo Model Air 71.074 »Radome Tan«, a light tan colour recommended as the equivalent of Federal Standard Color 33613 »Radome Light Tan« for radar domes of modern fighter aircraft, compared to the more muted Humbrol MC25 »Unbleached Linen« and Akademie Acryl 23.660 »Sand«.

Vallejo Model Air 71.074 »Radome Tan« may also be used as the light base colour of the two-tone camouflage pattern of French Mirage 2000Cs operating from Al Asha Air Force Base in Saudi Arabia during the 1990–1991 Gulf War.

Radome tan painted onto the archivolted gables of a sculpture of the Wedding Tower in Darmstadt

71.074 »Radome Tan« matches the colour of the archivolted gables of the Wedding Tower in Darmstadt.