Legacy of Glory

Rules For Use With Napoleonic Era Miniatures

Napoleon’s Campaigns in Miniature.

From Austerlitz to Waterloo, in triumph and defeat, Napoleon and his Grand Armée fought a series of battles and campaigns that have passed from history to legend. The Napoleonic epic, a powerful story of tragedy and glory, of genius and destiny, continues to exert a powerful hold upon the historical imagination, while the military career of Napoleon Bonaparte remains the most studied and analyzed in the annals of war.

Legacy of Glory presents a powerful tool to simulate the dramatic events of the Napoleonic battlefield, and represents a breakthrough in historical miniatures rules design. By assuming the roles of army, wing and corps commanders, participants will experience the challenges faced by their historical predecessors; time, distance, smoke, fatigue, incompetence and confusion all must be surmounted in addition to the best efforts of the enemy.

Legacy of Glory provides an unparalleled model of the grand ebb and flow of the Napoleonic battle. Key objectives will change hands as the battle sweeps back and forth, and at times the event will seem to range beyond the control of the players themselves to assume a terrible dynamic of its own. As each crisis unfolds, player-commanders must make the difficult decisions that will decide the day. An iron will and nerves of steel will often spell the difference between victory and defeat.

Innovative command, morale, and timing systems produce a simulation which is both highly realistic and playable. Large battles such as Aspern-Essling and Borodino can be re-fought using battalions, regiments, and batteries in a reasonable amount of time. The fascinating tactical aspects of Napoleonic Warfare so vital to a serious understanding of the period are handled in a manageable and accurate tactical system which limits the rather unrealistic level of control allowed in some "simulations." By being faithful to history, and by striving to understand the psychology of this style of warfare, Legacy of Glory combines the playability of a brigade level game with the stirring scope and spectacle of a tactically oriented simulation. The result will give players a fresh look at warfare in the Age of Napoleon, and a new understanding and greater appreciation of the art of command.

Legacy of Glory contains a comprehensive rule book and charts necessary to simulate battles with 5mm, 15mm, or 25mm Napoleonic miniatures. Figures must be provided by the players and do not come with this box. This games is not recommended for children under twelve.


  • Title: Legacy of Glory
  • Period: Napoleonic
  • Type: Grand-Tactical Wargame
  • Time Scale: one tactical bound TAC = 20 minutes
  • Ground Scale: 1:1968 (1 inch = 50 meters)
  • Troop Scale: 1 figure = 50 – 75 men
  • Basing: ¾ inch frontage per 2 infantry or 1 cavalry 15mm figure
  • Author: Matt DeLaMater, Douglas C. DeLaMater
  • Format: 126-page rule book
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Glory Games, Inc., Centreville, VA
  • Published: 1990


  1. Ground Scale & Equipment
  2. Basic Concepts & Terminology Glossary
  3. Deployment, Organization & Formation
  4. Outline of the Grand-Battle Turn (GBT)
  5. The Pre-Game Phase & Considerations
  6. The Command Sequence
  7. The Army & Corps Commander Phase
  8. GTF Order Activation Tests Phase
  9. Pre-Assault Artillery Phase
  10. Non-Engaged Movement & Disengagement
  11. Non-Engaged GTF Commander Phase
  12. Assault Launch & Assault Launch Test Phase
  13. The Engaged GTF Commander Phase
  14. Combat GTF Commander Phase
  15. The Skirmish Phase
  16. Impetus Determination & Contesting the Initiative
  17. The Action Phase
  18. General Artillery & Support / Defense Fire Phase
  19. Disorder Marker Removal Phase
  20. The Cavalry Resolution Phase
  21. The Infantry Combat Resolution Phase
  22. Combat Leader Fate
  23. Rest
  24. Artillery Assessment
  25. Corps Instructions & Supplemental Command
  26. Terrain
  27. Wind, Smoke & Weather
  28. Engineering
  29. Victory & Defeat
  30. Special & Optional Rules
  31. Appendices

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