Wargame Rules Review

Tricorne – Seven Years’ War Rules by Ken Bunger.

Tricorne has been designed for wargamers wishing to refight the battles that occurred during the mid-eighteenth century (1740–1783), including the Wars of the Spanish Succession through the American Revolution. The particular emphasis of these rules is on the Seven Years’ War which was a worldwide war fought in India, Europe, the Americas and on every major sea.

The European tactical doctrine reflected in Tricorne was that the infantry would be lined up within sixty paces of each other and blast away until one line would waiver and break. These tactics were well suited to the small professional armies of the period. Light troops were out of their element on the main battlefield, but were invaluable for large scouting or raiding missions (“la petite guerre”).

After a couple of readings and a few games, players will find that they need only refer to a few charts during the game.


  • Title: Tricorne
  • Period: Seven Years’ War
  • Type: Tactical Miniature Wargame
  • Time Scale: none given
  • Ground Scale: 1:540 (1 inch = 15 yards)
  • Troop Scale: 1 figure = 25 or 50 men
  • Author: Ken Bunger
  • Format: 50-page rule book
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Z & M Publishing Enterprises, Inc., Milwaukee, WI
  • Published: 1977


  • Introduction
  • Organization of Forces
  • Pregame Procedures
  • Combat and Movement Formations
  • Definition of Terms
  • Movement
  • Small Arms Fire
  • Artillery Fire
  • Melee
  • Morale
  • Special Battlefield Effects – Buildings, Engineers, Prisoners, Fire
  • Appendix #1 – Uniforms of the 18th Century
  • Appendix #2 – Where to buy Miniatures
  • Bibliography
  • Acknowledgement

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