Wuerttemberg Napoleonic Chasseurs and Light Infantry, 1811–1815

Miniatures Conversions in 1:72 Scale

Wuerttemberg Fußjäger-Regiment König, 1:76 Miniatures Airfix 01744.

A very simple conversion. French line infantry figures have the pompom removed from the shako. The musket needs to be shortened to make it look like a Jäger rifle. The Jägers shown here are converted Airfix French Fusiliers. The two battalions are based on 38 × 38 mm Volley & Bayonet skirmish stands. During the Napoleonic Wars, the Kingdom of Württemberg raised two battalions of Jägers which became the Fußjäger-Regiment König in 1813.

Parts Required

  • French Line Infantry, Airfix

Fußjäger-Regiment König

  • Green coat, black collar, cuffs, turnbacks and shoulder straps.
  • Black Shako with brass badge and a small crown at the top edge.
  • Green trousers.
  • Short black gaiters.
  • Black leather crossbelts.
  • Calfskin Tornister knapsack with greatcoat fastened on top.
  • Gold buttons in the 1st Battalion, white buttons in the 2nd Battalion.
Württemberg Fußjäger-Regiment König

In addition to the Jägers, two battalions of light infantry were raised in 1805 and formed into a regiment in 1813. The light infantry wore a similar uniform, with light blue facings, yellow leather crossbelts and white trousers.


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