Wuerttemberg Napoleonic Line Infantry and Light Infantry Füsiliers, 1808–1812

Miniatures Conversions in 1:72 Scale

Wuerttemberg 5th Infantry Regiment, 1:76 Miniatures Airfix 01744.

A more sophisticated conversion, requiring that new heads with the typical Raupenhelm, a caterpillar crested helmet, are mounted on French line infantry figures. Crested helmets worn by the Württembergers are very similar in appearance to the helmets worn by the British Life Guard cavalry produced by Revell. The Airfix infantry figures were converted as follows:

French Line Infantry standardbearer and drummer, eight French Foot Artillery soldiers with shouldered muskets and two grenadiers of the French Old Guard in an advancing pose. All miniatures had the head with the shako or bearskin bonnet removed. This is a difficult operation on the artillerymen, because their shouldered muskets are attached to the shako. Be very careful not to damage the musket when separating these pieces with the scalpel. Don’t worry about destroying the shako in the process, it isa useless casting, almost eliptical in shape and without a pompom.

Cut off the plume on the left side of the cavalry helmet and restore the helmet’s curvature by carving away all traces of the plume, particularly underneath the crest. Separate the heads from the cavalry troopers and pin them on the infantry figures using short pins cut from 0.3 mm pianowire. Finally, carve the fringed epaulettes off the two Old Guard figures.

Parts Required

  • French Old Guard, Airfix
  • French Line Infantry, Airfix
  • French Line Infantry, Italeri
  • French Foot Artillery of the Line, Airfix
  • British Life Guards, Revell
  • 0.3 mm Pianowire

The two skirmishers in the foreground wear the red facings of the Füsilier Regiment, the other soldiers are in the light blue facing-colour of the 5th Württemberg Infantry Regiment:

  • Dark blue coat with light blue collar, cuffs, turnbacks and shoulder straps
  • Black Raupenhelm with brass badge.
  • White trousers and crossbelts.
  • Short black gaiters.
  • Calfskin Tornister knapsack with greatcoat fastened on top.
  • Brass drum with yellow and red trim.
  • Red flag with gold embroidery.

Württemberg Infantry wore the following facing-colours in 1813:

1. Infanterie-Regiment: Yellow, white buttons
2. Infanterie-Regiment: Orange, white buttons
3. Infanterie-Regiment: White, white buttons
4. Infanterie-Regiment: Rose, white buttons
5. Infanterie-Regiment: Light blue, white buttons
6. Infanterie-Regiment: White with red trim, yellow buttons
7. Infanterie-Regiment: Red, yellow buttons
8. Infanterie-Regiment: Straw yellow, yellow buttons
9. Infanterie-Regiment: Black, yellow buttons
Füsilier-Regiment von Neubronn: Red


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