Würzburg Napoleonic Artillery, 1807–1813

Würzburg Napoleonic Artillery, 1807–1813, 15 mm Miniatures Minifigs.

Upon joining the Confederation of the Rhine, 30 Sept. 1806, the Grand-Duchy of Würzburg agreed to provide a contingent of 2000 soldiers, who first participated in the sieges of Colberg and Stralsund in 1807, then fought for Napoleon in Spain from 1808 to 1812, and joined the Grande Armée for the Invasion of Russia in 1812. The Würzburg contingent consisted of the Chevaulegers light cavalry regiment, the Rot-Würzburg infantry regiment and its attached artillery battery. The infantry and artillery were attached to the Austrian Auxiliary Corps of Feldmarschalleutnant Schwarzenberg for the duration of the campaign. Würzburg artillerymen wore a light grey-brown uniform with red facings, yellow metal shoulder scales, and shakos with red plume and cords. The gun carriages were painted red, with black metal fittings.

The 15 mm Minifigs miniatures pictured above are French gunners, painted as Würzburg artillerymen. Figures and artillery pieces are mounted on 19 × 38 mm bases compatible with the Empire III game system, which represent a gun or howitzer section of two artillery pieces each.

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