Wishlist 1998 – Results

Readers’ Choice of new Figures and Vehicles in 1:72 scale

Below are the winning entries of the Wishlist 98, followed by those product suggestions which are about to go into production at the time of writing. As can be seen, manufacturers do take customer suggestions seriously if hundreds or thousands of collectors, modellers, and wargamers participate in the suggestion process of.

Readers of Military Miniatures Magazine are encouraged to keep up the good work, hand in new suggestions, and ask your friends and fellow collectors to vote on the items presented in the ongoing Wishlist

Wishlist ’98 – The Winners

  1. Napoleonic Personalities – released by Italeri in 1999
  2. French Napoleonic dragoons – released by Italeri in 1999
  3. Bavarian Line and Light Infantry, 1812–1815 – to be released by HaT in 1999
  4. Korean War US Marines and Chinese
  5. Boxer Rebellion Chinese/European armies
  6. World War Two: Romanian Infantry
  7. Franco-Prussian War Troops
  8. Vikings & Longboats
  9. Republican Romans vs. Carthaginians*
  10. Dutch infantry and cavalry at Waterloo – to be released by HaT in 1999
  11. Asterix the Gaul vs. the Romans
  12. Hellenistic infantry & cavalry
  13. Zulu War British Artillery and Gatling Guns
  14. Jacobite Highlanders (1715 and 1745 Rebellions) vs. British-Hanoverians
  15. 1750s era Iroquois, Huron, British infantry, French infantry
  16. French grenadiers a cheval – released by HaT in 1999
  17. Spanish Napoleonic Troops
  18. US Infantry, 1812
  19. World War One: British Infantry (steel helmet), incl. Lewis Gunners
  20. Modern Israelis

Other Wishlist ’98 suggestions to be released in 1999

  • Fort Alamo and figures (Mexican infantry, cavalry, artillery, Texicans) – IMEX
  • Russian Napoleonic Cossacks – HaT
  • Brunswick Infantry, 1815 (28) – HaT
  • Russian Napoleonic Dragoons – HaT
  • Napoleonic Ammunition Wagons – Italeri
  • Barbarian Cavalry (Huns, Goths, Gauls/Celts, anything not Roman or Romanized) – HaT
  • Roman cavalry – HaT
  • French Napoleonic Line Chasseurs à Cheval – HaT
  • Austrian Napoleonic Cavalry – HaT
  • War elephant with platform for bowmen and spearmen – HaT
  • Russian Napoleonic Foot Artillery in Kiwer (shako) M.1812 – HaT
  • Austrian Napoleonic Infantry in shakos – HaT
  • Napoleonic Wars: Russian Cuirassiers – HaT
  • Modern: Bundeswehr Leopard 2A5 Main Battle Tank – Revell

Every Vote Counts

Please consult the new Wishlist 2000 and vote on the new product suggestions presented there. Reader participation in the Wishlist process is very important, please tell your friends and fellow collectors about it.

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