Mongols under Tamerlane (Emir Timur) 13th–14th Century

ZVEZDA 1:72 Scale Figure Review

Mongols under Tamerlane (Emir Timur) 13th–14th Century, 1:72 Miniatures ZVEZDA 8003.

The diorama shows Mongols in combat with Russian knights and infantry. Both figure sets were sculpted by designers of the Russian firm ZVEZDA, but the knights are distributed under the Italeri Historics label. These miniatures are useful for wargamers interested in raising a late 13th century Mongol army under Timur Leng (Tamerlane). To increase the variety of poses, the ZVEZDA Mongols may be mixed with suitable figures from Italeri’s Golden Horde.


  • 22 Figures in 9 Poses – 22 mm equal 158 cm height
    • Mounted standard-bearer with armoured horse
    • Mounted noble with lance, armoured horse (3)
    • Mounted noble with mace (3)
    • Mounted noble, firing bow (2)
    • Mounted archer, firing bow (3)
    • Noble advancing with drawn scimitar (2)
    • Noble slashing with scimitar (3)
    • Spearman, running (2)
    • Archer, kneeling firing (3)
  • 1 standard
  • 5 lances/spears – 43.5 mm equal 3.13 m Length


Good choice of subject, the Mongols under Tamerlane are an interesting troop type war wargamers.

Good detail. Facial features, scaled armour, padded jackets, helmets, belts, straps, pouches, buttons, weapons, shields, and horse furniture are nicely sculpted.

Excellent poses, these figures appear realistic and they are very compatible with each other. The standing horses are sculpted correctly, only the galloping horses are in an incorrect gait.

The ratio of cavalry, light cavalry, spearman, and light infantry is about right to represent a typical Mongol army of the age of Tamerlane. Only two boxes of these figures are needed to raise a DBA army.

Historical Employment

Possible Conversions

  • The variety of poses may be increased by swapping heads among the figures.

The ZVEZDA figures are a welcome addition to the growing range of medieval wargame figures in this scale. Two boxes of these figures are enough to build DBA army № 159b.

Sample from Zvezda

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