Russian Fort Flank Tower Conversion

ZVEZDA 1:72 Scale Scenery Review

Russian Fort Flank Tower Conversion, 1:72 Model Kit ZVEZDA 8502.

This corner tower from ZVEZDA’s Russian Fort has been converted to a flank tower. A new door was cut to allow lateral movement along the wall walk. The unwanted door on the ground floor has been filled with palisade sections and the door above it is hidden behind a small observation turret built from balsa strips. The palisade on either side of the flank tower is scratch-built from 5 mm dowel sticks. The sticks were cut to 70 mm length and sharpened with a scalpel. This palisade is compatible with the palisade sections included in the kit, although it looks a little more realistic than the plastic part. The flank tower and adjoining palisade are mounted on a 25 × 25 cm terrain module which connects with similar modules carrying corner and gatehouse sections of the Russian Fort.

Parts Required

  • Corner Tower, 1:72 ZVEZDA 8502
  • 5 mm Dowel
  • 1 mm Balsa Sheet
  • 10 mm Plywood Base, 25 × 25 cm

Historical Employment

  • Russian Fort, 12th to 17th Century
  • Russian City Walls, 12th to 17th Century
Russian Fort Flank Tower Conversion, 1:72 Model Kit ZVEZDA 8502.

ZVEZDA’s Russian Fort provides basic elements for a number of interesting conversion projects. The palisade may be lengthened and breached palisade sections built, using 5 mm dowel sticks and balsa. Towers and palisade sections may be mounted 25 × 25 cm terrain modules which interlock to form linear defenses and rectangular fortifications on the wargaming table. Fortification modules of this type are sculpted to blend in with other terrain tiles, and they provide a sturdy base for building models.

Sample from Zvezda

Russian Fort, 12th–17th Century