German Infantry Regiment, 1939

German Infantry Regiment, 1939

The Infanterie-Regiment of the Infanterie-Division consisted of three battalions with four companies each, three of which were rifle companies plus one machine gun company. Reserve infantry regiments and formations raised in the course of the war may have a slightly different organisation, and they can be equipped with captured and requisitioned equipment and vehicles. The third battalion was dropped in 1944 due to manpower shortages.

1939 Regimental Organization

  • Regimentsstab – Regimental Headquarters
    • Stabszug – Staff Platoon
  • Stabskompanie – HQ Company
    • Nachrichtenzug – Communications Platoon
    • Reiterzug – Mounted Platoon
    • Pionierzug – Engineer Platoon
  • I. Bataillon
  • II. Bataillon
    • Bataillonsstab
    • 5. Schützenkompanie
    • 6. Schützenkompanie
    • 7. Schützenkompanie
    • 8. MG-Kompanie
    • Bataillonstross
  • III. Bataillon
    • Bataillonsstab
    • 9. Schützenkompanie
    • 10. Schützenkompanie
    • 11. Schützenkompanie
    • 12. MG-Kompanie
    • Bataillonstross
  • 13. Infanteriegeschütz-Kompanie – Infantry Gun Company
  • 14. Panzerjäger-Kompanie - Tank Hunter Company
  • Regimentsmusik - Regimental Band
  • Leichte Infanteriekolonne - Supply & Logistics

Each infantry battalion could muster a provisional Infanteriepionierzug (engineer platoon) by drawing men from the rifle companies who had received basic engineer training. In 1944, the III. Bataillon was dropped from the organization of the infantry regiment due to manpower shortages. The companies of the I. and II. Bataillon were numbered 1.-4. Kp and 5.-8. Kp as before, even the 13. and 14. Kompanie maintained their previous numbering, they did not move up to take the slot of an eliminated III. Bataillon company.

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