French 11th Infantry Regiment de Mailly of the Seven Years’ War, 1756–1758

French 11th Infantry Regiment de Mailly of the Seven Years’ War, 1756–1758.

The 11th Infantry Regiment was established in 1610 as Régiment de Vaubécourt, and it carried the name Comte de Mailly from 1745. During the Seven Years’ War, the 11th Regiment de Mailly fought at Hastenbeck, Rossbach, and Cancale, at the Naval Battle of Quiberon, at Lünen, Vellinghausen, and Sababurg. In 1758, the regiment was awarded to a new colonel priopriétaire, the Marquis de Talaru, whose name it carried until 1761.


  • Louis Marquis de Mailly, Dezember 1745 – März 1758
  • César Marie Marquis de Talaru Chalmazel, März 1758 – Februar 1761
  • Chevalier de Chatelux, Februar 1761 – Dezember 1762


  • white coat with yellow metal buttons
  • coat pocket "en long" with 3 buttons
  • white collar
  • 7 buttons right, and buttonsholes left
  • white cuffs with 3 buttons
  • white turnbacks with white hearts
  • white vest with yellow metal buttons
  • white breeches
  • white gaiters with yellow metal buttons
  • black tricorne hat with yellow edging
  • Grenadiers wore beards, and sabres

Campaign History

  • Battle of Hastenbeck, 1757
  • Battle of Rossbach, 1757
  • Battle of Cancale (Cauncall), France, 1758
  • Battle of Quiberon Bay, France, 1759
  • Engagement at Lünen, 1760
  • Battle of Vellinghausen, 1761
  • Engagement at Sababurg, 1762


  • French 11th Regiment de Talaru, 1758
  • French 11th Regiment de Chatellux, 1761
  • French 11th Regiment de Guyenne, 1763
  • French 21st Infantry Regiment, 1791

Soldiers of the 11th Regiment Talaru served as marines on board French naval vessels during the Battle of Quiberon Bay.

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