Lieb-Regiment [sic] (Liebregiment), literally the lovely, nice, or cute regiment, is a popular misspelling of the German Leibregiment. The term “Lieb-Regiment” is typically found in miniatures magazines, online forums, and hundreds of English language miniatures pages on the internet relating to German or Austrian life-guard infantry and cavalry regiments. The “Lieb-Regiment” spelling error mave have to do with the fact that “lie” in English is pronounced similarly to the German syllable “lei”.

The “Lovely Regiment” is sometimes said to be carrying a Liebfahne [sic] into battle, and its 1st company may be erroneously referred to as the “Lieb-Kompanie” or “Lieb-Company” [sic]. On occasion, the “Lovely Regiment” may be supported by the even more prevalent Calvary Regiment [sic].

Military Glossary