US Paratroopers
101st Airborne Division, 1944

Master Fighter 1:48 Scale Figure Review

US Paratroopers, 101st Airborne, Bastogne 1944.

Master Fighter offers a set of two fully painted US Paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division fighting at Bastogne 1944. The miniatures are 36 mm tall, perfectly proportioned, and accurately posed. The BAR gunner on the left is wearing the unpopular overcoat, whereas the NCO on the right has been issued the shorter M.1942 mackinaw coat. The BAR gunner carries a Browing Automatic Rifle with the bipod and carrying handle removed, as was common practise among elite troops who always sought to lighten and improve their combat equipment. Both men are wearing the laced jump boots issued to airborne troops.


  • 2 Figures in 2 Poses – 36 mm height equals 173 cm
    • US Paratrooper with Thompson Submachine Gun
    • US Paratrooper with Browning Automatic Rifle


Excellent choice of subject. These US Paratroopers may be used in dioramas featuring 1:48 scale US Army vehicles of World War Two.

The Browning Automatic Rifle is modelled correctly, with the bipod and carrying handle removed.

Useful historic poses.

These US Paratroopers are well sculpted, expertly painted, and nicely compatible with existing 1:48 scale vehicles.

Sample from Master Fighter

US Paratroops, 1942–1945