US Paratroops, 1942–1945

Paratroop Uniforms and Equipment of World War Two

US Paratroops 1944.

US Paratroops of the 101st Airborne Division wearing the unpopular overcoat and the shorter M.1942 mackinaw coat during winter fighting at Bastogne 1944. The BAR gunner carries a Browing Automatic Rifle with the bipod and carrying handle removed, as was common practise among elite troops who sought to improve their combat equipment. Both men are wearing the laced jump boots issued to airborne troops. These Master Fighter 1:48 scale miniatures are sold fully painted and assembled.


Historical Employment

  • North Africa, November 1942
  • Sicily, July 1943
  • Normandy, June 1944
  • Arnheim, September 1944
  • Ardennes, December 1944
  • Germany, March 1945


US Paratroopers participated in key landings and campaigns in North Africa and Europe from 1942 to 1945. They are a must-have for collectors of World-War Two military miniatures.

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