Freikorps von Trümbach (F I)

Volontaires de Prusse

Volontaires de Prusse, first Uniform.

By decree of 8 December 1758, three foot companies of Freikorps von Trümbach were raised in Minden; the Jäger and Schützen company formed in Soest, joined the “Volontaires de Prusse” in Minden on 25 April. These 40 mm Prince August homecast miniatures are wearing the siskin green coat with rose madder facings, which is distinguished from the Prussian Feldjäger uniform only by the colour of lace and buttons.

Volontaires de Prusse, 1759

Volontaires de Prusse, 1760

  • Major Friedrich Adolf Rudolf von Trümbach
  • Grenadierkompanie
  • Fußkompanie
  • Fußkompanie
  • Fußkompanie
  • Fußkompanie
  • Husareneskadron
  • Husareneskadron
  • Hauptmann Johann Friedrich Naumann
    • Jäger- und Schützenkompanie
  • Dragonerkompanie (48 all ranks)

In February 1760, the Jäger and Schützen company became an independent detachment »Du Pasquier«. Transferred to the Saxon theatre of war, they were incorporated into Frei-Infanterie Regiments von Collignon (F 2) and Quintus Icilius (F 8).

In 1760/1761, the grenadier and foot companies are thought to have worn a double-blue uniform typical of Prussian Freikorps infantry, followed by a dark blue coat with red facings in 1762.

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