Maryland Guard Zouaves of the Confederate Army, 1861–1865

Maryland Guard Zouaves, Confederate Army of the American Civil War, 1861–1865.

15 mm Heritage Miniatures of the Salem Zouaves stand in as Maryland Guard Zouaves of the Confederate Army. The uniform of both regiments was quite similar, except that the kepi of the Maryland Guard Zouaves had a blue band around it, and the soldiers wore a blue sash. The miniatures are mounted on 25 × 22 mm infantry stands compatible with Fire and Fury.

The Maryland Guard Zouaves originally formed Company H of the 47th Virginia Infantry. Later in the war they became Company E, 1st Maryland Battalion, and Company E, 2nd Maryland Infantry.


  • dark blue Zouave jacket with scarlet trim
  • dark blue trousers with scarlet stripe
  • white gaiters
  • scarlet kepi with blue band

Campaign History

  • First Battle of Bull Run, 1861
  • Gettysburg (Coy. E, 1st Md. Bn., Steuart’s Brigade, Johnson’s Division, 2nd Army Corps), 1863

The Maryland Guard Zouaves and other Confederate infantry stands may be joined to form Steuart’s Brigade for Fire and Fury games of the Battle of Gettysburg. At the chosen troop scale of the game, only one stand of Maryland Guard Zouaves would be required, but wargamers sometimes use a higher than realistic proportion of special units, to add colour to their brigades.


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