Russian Tatars and Bashkirs of the Napoleonic Wars

Russian Napoleonic Tatars.

The history of the Tatars begins with the Mongolian Golden Horde of the 13th Century. The Tatars were the main population group of the Khanats Kasan, Astrakhan, Kasimov and Sibir, which belonged to Russia as early as the 16th Century. Tatars are primarily muslims or decendents of muslims. Teptar Tatars share lingual and cultural similarities with the Bashkirs. Tatars and Bashkirs were nomadic horsemen who served as irregular cavalry of the Russian army. They carried more antiquated weapons and equipment than the Cossacks, including the composite bow. Regiments were nominally organized into five "Sotnia" of 100 Lancers each, although this strength could not be maintained on campaign.


There are no dedicated models of Napoleonic Tatars or Bashkirs, but modellers and wargamers may well use Mongolian Tatar figures of earlier periods. Tatar and Bashkir regiments served alongside the Russian Cossacks.


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