Wuerttemberg Infantry Regiment Prinz Louis von Württemberg, 1756–1763

Wuerttemberg Infantry Regiment Prinz Louis von Württemberg of the Seven Years’ War, 1756–1763.

The colonel, eight officers, and most of the men of Infanterie-Regiment Prinz Louis von Württemberg were taken prisoner at the Battle of Leuthen on 5 December 1757. Johann Kaspar Schiller, Father of German poet Johann Christoph Friedrich Schiller, ensign and adjudant of Infanterie-Regiments Prinz Louis von Württemberg since 1757, seems to have evaded capture, however. He was promoted lieutenant of Infanterie-Regiment von Romann in 1759, and had achieved the rank of captain by the end of the Seven Years’ War.

Infanterie-Regiment Prinz Louis von Württemberg was reconstituted after the defeat at the Battle of Leuthen, and it served with the Kayserliche Reichs Executions und Combinierten Französischen Armée in Hesse from 1758. In 1760 the regiment returned to Silesia with the other Wuerttemberg units. In the course of Wuerttemberg troops reductions in 1765, Infanterie-Regiment Prinz Louis von Württemberg was disbanded.


  • Prinz Louis von Württemberg, 1744–1765

Commanding Officer

  • Oberst von Bock, 1756–1757


  • Regimentsstab (regimental staff)
    • 1. Grenadier-Kompanie
    • 2. Grenadier-Kompanie
    • 1. Kompanie (Leibkompanie)
    • 2. Kompanie
    • 3. Kompanie
    • 4. Kompanie
    • 5. Kompanie
    • 6. Kompanie
    • 7. Kompanie
    • 8. Kompanie
    • 9. Kompanie
    • 10. Kompanie
    • two 3-pfünder Bataillonsgeschütze (battalion guns)

Campaign History

  • Silesian Campaign, 1757
  • Siege of Schweidnitz, 1757
  • Battle of Breslau, 1757
  • Battle of Leuthen, 1757
  • Hessian Campaigns, 1758–1759
  • Engagement at Lutterberg, 1758
  • Engagement at Lauterbach, 1758
  • Silesian Campaign, 1760
  • Siege of Wittenberg, 1760


  • Deutsche Uniformen im Zeitalter Friedrichs des Großen, Sturm Zigaretten, Dresden


  • dark blue coat of Prussian cut, with white buttons
  • red collar
  • red lapels with 3 × 2 white buttons,
    2 buttons below right lapel and two buttonholes below left lapel
  • red cuffs with 2 buttons
  • red turnbacks
  • red shoulderstrap on left
  • silver aiguillette on right shoulder
  • black stock
  • white Kamisol with white buttons
  • white breeches
  • black gaiters with white buttons
  • black tricorne hat with white border
  • Prussian style grenadier mitre cap with brass plate, blue base with yellow metal grenades, red bag, yellow lace, and yellow/red pompom

Sturm cigarette cards show an officer of Infanterie-Regiment Prinz Louis von Württemberg with three buttons on each cuff, and with a scallopped yellow hat border.

The Army of Württemberg, 1756–1763