Bronze Green

Bronze Green.

Bronze green, same as chrome green, a dark green colour tending towards brown, is either chrome yellow and Parisian Blue or any black mixed with yellow, yellow-brown or yellow-red pigments (mostly earth tones); the latter mixture often contains an addition of pure blue. For the finer varieties, charcoal black, blue, light and dark chrome yellow hues from lemon to orange yellow are used, mixed with barite; for ordinary varieties, yellow ochre, fawn and umber. Blue is added for a greenish cast, black makes it darker and diertier, but barite lightens it a little.

RAL 6031-F9 »Bronze Green« is the base colour of the three-colour NATO camouflage pattern.

Mixed Pigment Colours

Source: Lueger, Otto: Lexikon der gesamten Technik und ihrer Hilfswissenschaften (Stuttg., Leipz. 1905)